About Malta

Situated in the passageway between Africa & Europe, and in gin-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the smattering of Islands is made up of Malta, Gozo & Comino, together with two samller Islands Cominetto and Filfla. The Islands have a dynamic history which goes back some 5,200 years B.C. The Maltese are very welcoming people and the languages spoken are Maltese and English, Roman Catholic is the established religion on the Islands. With an area of 316sqkm, the Maltese Archipelago is one of the smallest in the world, having a population of approximately 417,000 people. Malta’s historical capital city Valletta contains buildings from the 16th century on wards. The country code used is +356 and the time zone is GMT + 1


For the Maltese food is way of life. Malta has a rich gastronomic heritage as a result of the many invaders who have bought their culinary culture with them. We are reputed for our use of superb local produce, fine wines and a variety of menus. The traditional Maltese stewed rabbit is often identified as the national dish.

Places of  Interest to visit by yacht

  • The Azure Window, located on the West coast of Gozo is a natural arch that looks like a table on the sea.
  • Baia Beach, located on the North of Malta is a very popular spot with crystal clear shallow waters.
  • Blue Lagoon, located on the West coast of Comino is famous for its crystalline waters.
  • Fomm Ir- Rih Bay, situated on the West coast of Malta is one of the Maltese mysteries of nature.
  • Port Of Valletta, know as The Grand Harbour facing north east is a natural harbour and has been used since prehistoric times.
  • Ghadira Bay, Malta’s longest sandy beach located on the north coast of Malta offers numerous water sport facilities.
  • Marr Ix-Xini, lies in a gorge of Mgarr Harbour on the Island of Gozo, this bay is very popular for diving.
  • Riviera Bay, located on the northern region of Malta is poplular for its sandy beaches and natural environment.
  • Selmun Bay, this hidden beach is located on the North of Malta and offers excellent snorkeling opportunities.
  • St. Peter’s Pool, is a rocky beach in the South of Malta with the most beautiful light green waters.
  • San Blas Bay, is a secluded small beach on the north coast of Gozo with reddish-orange sand making this beach very unique.

Malta Courtesy Flag

The courtesy flag for Malta is the Maltese Flag


Only Maltese registered vessels may fly the Maltese ensign.


Marinas located in Malta.

Msida Marina is situated in the innermost part of Marsamxetto Harbour. The building of a breakwater across the entrance has produced a very safe and well-sheltered marina. Berthing is provided on 15 lines of floating pontoons, providing 700 berths up to 18m in length on double mooring lines. Water and electricity is available at every berth.

Msida Marina – VHF Channel 09
35°53′. 75 N
14°30′ 00 E

Berthing Enquiries

Marina Di Valletta currently under construction opening summer 2017, is situated in the inner part of Marsamxetto Harbour. The building of a floating breakwater across the entrance will produced a very safe and well-sheltered marina. Berthing is provided on floating pontoons, providing 250+ berths ranging from 10m up to 28m in length on double mooring lines. Water and electricity is available at every berth.

Port Clearance – VHF CH 12
Marina Di Valletta – VHF Channel to be advised

Berthing Enquiries

Grand Harbour Marina situated in the deepest natural harbour on the east coast of Malta, offers berthing to yachts up to 140m in length. The marina provides five star facilities and there is easy access to Malta’s historic capital city.

Port Clearance – VHF CH 12
Grand Harbour Marina – VHF CH 13
35°53 . 51′ N
14°30 . 09′ E

Berthing Enquiries

Manoel Island Marina is located in the heart of Gzira on the South side of Manoel Island and about half a mile from the main entrance to Marsamxetto Creek. Close to all amenities this marina can accommodate vessels up to 80m in length.

Port Clearance – VHF CH 12
Manoel Island Marina – VHF Channel 13
35°54 . 00′ N
14°30 . 216′ E

Berthing Enquiries

Portomaso Marina is situated to the North of the Grand Harbour entrance adjacent to St. Julian’s Bay. The main landmark to the approach is the unique 23-storey tower above the Marina. The entrance is marked with port and starboard continuous flashing approach lights and the fairway with orange marker buoys marking depth of 4m between these and the breakwater. This marina is rated five star and is very quiet and very well kept.

VHF Channel 13
35°55.17′ N
14°29.46′ E

Berthing Enquiries

Kalkara Marina is situated close to the historic cities of Cospicua, Senglea & Vittoriosa. Kalkara is a small fishing village in the South region of Malta forming part of the picturesque Grand harbour. This marina is very close to all amenities.

Port Clearance – VHF CH 12
Kalkara Marina- Channel 13

35°53.43′ N
14°31.47′ E

Marinas located in Gozo

Mgarr Marina , Mgarr is the main harbour of Gozo minutes away from the Island of Comino. The Marina provides 208 berths and is a perfect stop-over for anyone visiting Gozo. The island is a third of the size of Malta, but greener and more rural. Its landscape has hills and deep valleys as well as rugged cliffs, which give natural protection to the island’s small inlets.

VHF Channel 09
36°01. 45′ N
14°18. 22′ E

Berthing Enquiries

Customs, Health and Immigration procedures

Customs: +356 2134 2396
Immigration: +356 2133 5691
Health Department: +356 2132 4093

Yachts arriving from Schengen countries may proceed directly to their berth at the marina. The Master of the vessel should take a crew list and all passports to the Customs and Immigration Office as soon after arrival as possible. Visitors arriving after the office hours of 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, may go on the following working day.

Visitors arriving from non-Schengen countries or travelling under non-Schengen passports, must proceed to the Customs and Immigration Office immediately , with passports or identity cards and a crew list. Outside office hours, the Yacht must clear immigration at the Customs House in Grand Harbour, open 24×7.

The passports of visitors arriving by sea are not normally stamped, therefore visitors who will be departing by air should advise the Customs and Immigration Office of their planned mode of departure

The Health Department requires a declaration to be completed. This may be done at Customs and Immigration, or the Health Department may visit the yacht directly

Yachts with Pets

Yachts with cats or dogs on board, may be allowed to berth alongside after the pets have been inspected by the Health Department Vet, providing that the pets conform to the Pet Passport Scheme. Download the pets leaflet and the Application form for Pets and tracking sheet V5 (2) for full current information on travelling with your pet.

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