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Eliminate boat roll, keep everyone smiling.

With the push of a button… your yacht transforms from rolling to stable, guests go from sick to smiling, and memories turn from “never again” to “best trip ever.” Only Seakeeper lights up every face on board, It’s magic everyone can feel.


Boating is a passion. It’s what we do to have fun. It provides the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. Whether cruising the coast, fishing from the centre console, or simply anchoring in a secluded bay, we look forward to enjoying ourselves on our boats.

Seakeeper provides the solution to a host of excuses to stay ashore. No more fear of motion sickness. No more fatigue after only four hours seeking the bite. No more worrying about children or elderly guests on a rolling deck. No more pressure to sell a boat that’s going unused. Instead, it’s confidence, comfort, safety, and smiles.


Never before has there been a stabilisation option for smaller boats. But when consumers ask… Seakeeper delivers! For the first time, smaller boats can enjoy the comfort and safety once only available to yachts. Whether you have a 30′ centre console or a 220′ super yacht, we have a Seakeeper that is right for you.

Visit for installation photos and sea trial results on a wide range of Seakeeper stabilised boats.

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Seakeeper Enquiries

Seakeeper Overview

Seakeeper 3


BOATS: 30-39′ (up to – 10 tons)

WEIGHT: 249 kg

DIMENSIONS: 0.681 L x 0.686 W x 0.572 H (meters)

Data sheet

Seakeeper 5


BOATS: 30-50′ (up to – 20 tons)

WEIGHT: 358 kg

DIMENSIONS: 0.765 L x 0.757 W x 0.628 H (meters)

Data sheet

Seakeeper 9


BOATS: 50-65′ (up to – 35 tons)

WEIGHT: 550 kg

DIMENSIONS: 0.852 L x 0.903 W x 0.720 H (meters)

Data sheet.

Seakeeper 16


BOATS: 65-85′ (up to – 70 tons)

WEIGHT: 996 kg

DIMENSIONS: 1.08 L x 1.1 W x 0.83 H (meters)

Data sheet

Seakeeper 26


BOATS: 80-100′ (up to – 100 tons)

WEIGHT: 1342 kg

DIMENSIONS: 1.34 L x 1.42 W x 1.03 H (meters)

Data sheet.

Seakeeper 35


BOATS: >100′ (up to – 140 tons)

WEIGHT: 1,778 kg

DIMENSIONS: 1.38 L x 1.42 W x 1.11 H (meters)

Data sheet.



TRIBOS Marine Protection

At last. An invisible barrier for paint, gelcoat and glass that actually works!

Our specially formulated and proven product works as a protective barrier with the strongest UV back bone on the market today to prolong the lifespan of your paint and gelcoat surfaces whilst increasing the gloss and depth of colour and simplifying cleaning. What’s more, our glass protection system creates a hydrophobic layer to increase visibility and improve safety.

The TRIBOS® experience

Simply put, Tribos products have been tested in the worlds harshest environments to deliver:

  • An incredibly durable ‘chemical barrier’ that guarantees protection like no other
  • A ‘better-than-new’ shine that lasts and lasts – and returns with a simple wash down
  • You can touch and feel the difference – not just from day 1, but also over time
  • Unlike other treatments, no special preparation is needed before re-painting
  • A premium glass protection coating that helps improve visibility and safety
  • Protection against UV, acid rain, oil & exhaust fumes, sea salt and bird lime …
  • Rejuvenates and extends the life, colour and look of the finish, maintaining and heightening resale value

TRIBOS coatings A new concept in paint and glass enhancement and protection for your Yacht.

TRIBOS supplies what we, and some of the worlds leading manufactures consider to be, The World’s Most Advanced Marine Surface Protective Coatings.

At Tribos® we understand the sense of pride and satisfaction that can be had just by admiring your craft, enjoying its lines, the design and the immaculate finish of its paintwork. And we also know you want to keep it looking its best all the time.

With a range of scientifically researched and proven Marine surface protective coatings Tribos® now offers total unrivalled protection, ”preserving perfection“ for the entire yacht.

Financial benefits of TRIBOS® Marine paint protection

  • There is a significant cost advantage too, Tribos marine paint protection can delay a paint cycle and used in the correct way we can help avoid one all together
  • Extends the life, colour and ‘look’ of the finish, maintaining and heightening resale value. keeping your paint looking better for longer
  • Offers an overall protection not only for your paint but also for your glass.

At Tribos® excellence comes as standard, to ensure this, all our products are professionally applied and we offer a genuine guarantee without the need for ongoing rejuvenation or maintenance.

All this technology would be useless if the product is not applied properly. Normal preparation and polishing methods are simply not up to the job. Our trained and certified applicators use our specially developed techniques and purpose-designed machines to control application with the necessary precision.

Why not have a look through some of our recent testimonials to see what our clients say about their TRIBOS experience

How to get Tribos coatings working for you?

From the largest super yachts to the smallest day boats, Tribos® has proved in independent tests to be the most advanced and effective marine paint protection available. If you would like your super yacht to really stand out in any marina, or perhaps you manage a super yacht and want to save money on your re-painting costs, or maybe you run a refit yard or painting company and would like to offer Tribos to your customers please let us know and we would be very happy to help.

Tribos coatings Enquiries

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Gauci Borda ltd

Gauci Borda & Co. Ltd

Gauci Borda & Co. Ltd. was established in 1963 by the late Paul Gauci Borda who opened a small shop opposite the Ta’ Xbiex yacht marina selling marine hardware and accessories. By the early 1970s, the company had expanded into the distribution and wholesale business in the industrial, hardware, DIY and home improvements sectors in addition to marine supplies.

The company is today run by 15 dedicated employees under the guidance of Myra Gauci Borda and operates two retails outlets in Gzira and Msida, and a warehouse and distribution centre in San Gwann supplying stores all over Malta and Gozo.

Gauci Borda are also the leading flagmakers in Malta. We stock, supply and manufacture to specification various types of flags and accessories to ship chandlers, yachts, companies, government, religious organizations and private individuals.




Agents for Tribos Coatings and Seakeeper stabilization systems

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Flag Registration & VAT consultancy | Chandlery supplies | Parts & spares
Navigation system repairs & electrical works | Yacht refit and repair



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