Balloon Fenders

Balloon Fenders


Heavy Duty Balloon Fenders are designed to ensure high protection for your Yacht or boat. The patented design and solid rope hold maximises the fenders durability and strength. The unique designed rope hold have a special metal valve system, that makes inflation easy and ensure a long lasting effect.

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Dan-Fender Size

1100mm x 1280mm Red, 1100mm x 1280mm White/Black Top, 160mm x 230mm Red, 160mm x 230mm White/Black Top, 240mm x 320mm Red, 240mm x 320mm White/Black Top, 320mm x 480mm Red, 320mm x 480mm White/ Black Top, 405mm x 570mm Black, 405mm x 570mm Red, 405mm x 570mm White/Black Top, 405mm x 570mm White/Blue Top, 480mm x 640mm Black, 480mm x 640mm Red, 480mm x 640mm White/Black top, 480mm x 640mm White/Blue Top, 610mm x 790mm Black, 610mm x 790mm Red, 610mm x 790mm White/Black top, 610mm x 790mm White/Blue Top, 810mm x 1040mm Red, 810mm x 1040mm White/Black Top, 810mm x 1040mm White/Blue Top, 965mm x 1240mm Red, 965mm x 1240mm White

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